St. Mark Christian Academy seeks to create a nurturing learning environment, which provides for the spiritual, mental, intellectual and physical growth of each child, while reaching academic excellence and strengthening Christian principles. We know that children need a variety of skills on all levels to become successful and our goal is to provide those vital skills during their early and formative years that will prepare them and ensure their success for future years. Our motto is “Young Minds Connected to a World of Knowledge.”


The goal for St. Mark Christian Academy is to set high academic standards while strengthening Christian principles through a strong instructional and Christian-based program. We will strive to build a sense of pride in each child by recognizing his/her individual accomplishments.


We believe that emotional and physical development, social interaction, Biblical teaching, as well as intellectual and artistic achievement are all essential to the educational process. These areas are best promoted in a Christian learning environment through partnerships of students, families, staff, church and community.